Frequently Asked Questions:



How does your product work?


  • The shelving systems are suspended from two support rods with hooks that are designed to hang from picture railing.  The shelves fit onto the support rods with a locking shaft collars that are mounted on the underside of the shelf.  This allows the shelf to be vertically adjusted to any height along the support rods. Multiple shelves of the same length can be fitting onto the same support rods.  Standard shelves are available in three lengths; 27", 36" and 45".  The support rods also come in varying lengths of 27", 36", 45" and 54".  These variables can be selected in the drop menus next to the products.             


Does your product come with screws or anchors?



  • These products are not designed to be hard mounted to a wall, nor do they come with hardware for such installation.


Do you have a patent for this system?


  • All Carlysle Manufacturing Co. products are Patent Pending.


What are the weight restrictions of your products or my picture rails?


  • Weight limit is dependent upon individual railings.  We recommend the weight limit is kept under 15 pounds per support rod.  For example, a system with two rods can hold up to 30 pounds.  Ultimately, the consumer is responsible for determining the strength of their picture rail.  Carlysle Manufacturing Co. is not responsible for any damages caused from faulty or overloaded picture rails.


What type of picture rails are the support rods intended for?


  • The hooks on the support rods are intended to fit into railings that extend no more than 1-1/4" from the surface of the wall with a groove no deeper than 1-7/8".  The following cross section demonstrates how the hooks should hang from two common types of picture railing:




How do I purchase a multi-tiered shelving system as seen on your home page?


  • All of our products are sold individually.  To build a multi-tiered system, individual items can be pieced together to make a larger system.  Putting two items together will leave you with an extra support rod. We encourage you to try different arrangements with our products, so we include the additional support rod so you will have the option to disassemble your system into individual pieces. 



There are multiple ways to install your Carlysle Manufacturing Co. products, but we've found the following method to be the easiest:


1.  Assemble the unit vertically on a flat surface.


2.  Using the provided 3/32" hexagonal wrench, tighten the bottom shelf.  The support rods should be aligned perpendicular to the assembly surface and they must extend at least 3 mm below the locking shaft collar.


If you have multiple shelves, lightly tighten their shaft collars to prevent shifting during installation.

3.  Hang the shelves from the picture rail.  Using the provided level, first ensure that the support rods are straight.


Next adjust the height and level of the shelves, starting with the highest piece.  


Once the shelves have been leveled, you may need to go back and check the support rods, as their position may have slightly shifted.  Finally, ensure that all of the shaft collars have been tightened.  




When installing multi-tiered shelves, we recommend that you install the system with the help of an assistant.

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