In 2015, I was contacted by McCalls Catering in SF to assist with custom design and fabrication work at the soon to reopen SF MoMA.  The museum had been closed for five years while major renovations and expansions were being constructed.  During this period, McCalls acquired the contract to run Cafe 5, next to the outdoor sculpture terrace.  Their initial needs were for several mobile service/bussing stations for use by their staff.  

Following the completion of the service carts, I was commissioned to design and build several new pieces ranging from bistro tables to table number stands in what has been an ongoing project.

 The main challenge in designing these products was to find a balance between the functionality requirements from McCalls and the aesthetic requirements from the MoMA.   Most pieces were constructed with a powder coated steel frame, with inset wood and plywood panels, making the carts both durable and modern.  The frames were painted a flat white to match other features in the space, while the wood paneling was a white stained white oak, to match some of the wood themes throughout the museum.  Knowing the wear and tear of a high volume service industry, I wanted a durable frame with removable or replaceable panels.  

The service carts helped define a look that was to follow with most of the additional pieces.  




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