In the summer of 2017, I was commissioned to help design and build the exterior furniture for the up and coming Beast and Bounty restaurant in Midtown Sacramento.  The physical space and the owner's vision created an excellent opportunity to create something truly unique to Sacramento's growing restaurant scene.  Beast and Bounty is part of a large development project in town and shares a common space with retail and coffee shops.  The project had two major phases: a courtyard seating area for outdoor dining, and the creation of standing tables or seating along the side of the building, in a narrow strip of land shared with a bocce court.

One of the main challenges in the courtyard was to create an intimate setting for the patrons enjoying dinner.  To do this, three large banquettes were designed to define the space of the restaurant.  The back sections of the banquettes were fitted with planter boxes, filled with native plants, that helped create privacy, without making the space feel walled off from the other events happening in the courtyard. 

The space along the bocce court was an excellent opportunity to thing outside of the box in regards to how people use space.  The owner wanted this space to be occupied by patrons enjoying beverages from the bar while they either play bocce or wait for their tables to be prepped.  The narrow space presented a problem in creating a nice flow but also in creating opportunities for patrons to be creative with their use in the space.  Initially, we discussed a series of tables at staggered heights lining the wall.  After observing how people interact with similar spaces, the decision was made to scrap the tables and to create a long, geometric, multi-tiered seating structure that wrapped around the corner of the bocce court.  The irregular angles and levels create a unique opportunity for customers to create their own experience.  It also helps to maximize the space for occupancy.

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