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Originally designed as an organization solution in my small SF studio apartment, the picture rail shelving took on many forms before it became the cornerstone of Carlysle. It is a unique solution to a problem many apartment dwellers and home owners have had: finding a free hanging, modular shelving unit, easy to assemble, and free of wall damaging hardware.  It is a simple and beautiful way to create a three dimensional canvas on your wall.  Please read the information below before purchasing, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

These shelves are designed to suspend form standard picture railing or molding.  A clearance of 2-1/2" is required from the top of the molding to the ceiling to allow the support rod hooks to fit over the molding.  The shelves are solid wood with standard depths of 6" and a thickness of 1".  The shelves are assembled on 5/16" steel support rods with locking shaft collars, that allow their heights to be adjustable.  The shaft collars lock using a 5/32" hex wrench, which is included with the shelves.

These shelving systems are designed to be easily adjustable, both in shelf heights and general location along the wall, as no hardware is required to mount them.  It can also grow with the addition of new shelves or the integration of new shelving tiers.

Each Carlysle Picture Rail Shelf is sold as an individual unit, or tier.  Each tier comes with two matching steel support rods.  Upon checkout, please specify the length of support rod you would like for each unit in the "Notes" section.  Support rods are available in any length up to 60".  Their length is cut at what would approximately be the top of the picture molding.  This result of this number may vary slightly depending on the depth of picture railing they will be mounted on.  When combining multiple tiers, you will receive a pair of support rods for each tier, giving you the opportunity to build each tier as an individual unit if you wish to change configurations at a later date.  When combining tiers, it is recommended that the length of support rod vary 5" between tiers for staggering heights.

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you: hello@carlyslemfg.com 

Please allow 4-7 weeks for delivery.

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