Street Style 1947

Street Style 1947

I recently came across my grandfather Carlysle's old photo albums from 1947.  They document a period in time when he worked for the U.S. Department of Engineering in Louisville, Kentucky.  On the backs of the photos, he wrote the names of his coworkers he photographed.  I love the idea of placing a name with a face from 67 years ago.  Most of the millions of photos we take every day will be lost forever when we replace, lose or break our phones.  And no one will ever know the names of all of those pretty girls captured by the countless number of street style bloggers.


                            Buddy Thompson and E.F. Dinsen

James S. Burch

Hank Helmers

Harry Gallman

Frank Barkalow


Howard Stolz

Leon Carver

Carlysle Pemberton, Jr.






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